Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Peter Crouch B Dancin

Peter Crouch seems like a nice chap and his wife is really hot, so since they were out dancing in Ibiza somewhere, here's an excuse to show pictures of tits.

In the above video we can clearly see Crouchy nearly dropping his super hot wife on the floor after she decided to sit on his shoulders.  After that he busts some moves and then does a cool trick with his hat and loads of people stand around recording it on their phones rather than actually fucking enjoying themselves.  Now for those boobs I promised

That's close enough for me anyway, although years of watching redtube's back catalogue have reduced my erotic imagination to crippling levels.  Unless I see someone dressed up as a pterodactyl being fisted by a robot, I can barely even get a full boner these days.  What a world.