Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pepe Reina is off to Napoli

Pepe Reina has fallen out with Brendan Rodgers according to some newspapers and that is why the goalkeeper has been sent to live with his Dad in Italy.

Rafa Benitez is the boss at Napoli and he is set to welcome the Spanish keeper for a year on loan while that guy Mignolet becomes the new number one at Anfield.  It's actually probably a pretty smart move because if Mignolet turns out to be shit or gets injured then Pepe can just be recalled and forced to play, and last year he was making mistakes all over the place.  It's true that keepers can make one mistake and they get done for it, but it's not as if that's the only profession where that's the case.  If you were a surgeon and removed someone's penis instead of appendix, you'd also get in a bunch of trouble.  And if you're not even a surgeon in the first place, or authorised to be anywhere near a hospital at all, then boy, let me tell you do people get mad