Thursday, 25 July 2013

Papiss Cisse loves gambling / is a hypocrite

Papiss Cisse has gone to extreme lengths to avoid playing for Newcastle again, stating that the Wonga sponsorship deal is against his religion.  That's the same religion that outlaws gambling.

That's a picture of Cisse taken by a fan who alleges that the striker was playing £5 and £10 bets at the Blackjack table and was very nice.  The Casino, when asked, also said that he was a recurring customer of theirs but that they couldn't possibly reveal what games he plays because that's against policy.  It's very convenient because I tried to phone Mohammed and he said he couldn't comment on it either because he was the janitor, not a religious prophet and that I should stop phoning him while I was at work because he was busy.  Well I'm sorry, if you're in the phone book I'm pretty sure that means it's real.  I'm on to you... the janitor.