Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nile Ranger is really stupid

I've toyed with the idea of excluding stories about Nile Ranger on here because he's such a colossal cunt but he's forced my hand with his latest adventure.  He got his own name tattooed on his head.

Here is a list of stupid things that Nile Ranger has done:

- pictured with a handgun
- driven while pissed
- assaulted a bunch of people, some girls
- released by his club for being a penis
- arrested as a youth for mugging someone in North London
- tattooed his own head

It's a fairly eclectic list especially for someone who is only 22.  I'm nearly 28 now and I still haven't done several of those things.  I particularly like the way that I think the last letter is either an S or something that resembles an R, presumably because the tattoo guy forgot how to spell his name and Nile wasn't sure either.  Maybe it was a girl tattooing him and he tried to sexually assault her?  Who knows.