Friday, 5 July 2013

Liverpool are going to sell Suarez fo sho

Jan Molby might have a name that makes him sound like he is a gelatinous aquatic ghost creature but he thinks that Liverpool are getting ready to sell Luis Suarez.

artist's impression of Jan Molby

Liverpool have been busy buying lots of players this summer already and the former midfielder believes that's because they have accepted that the Uruguayan will leave!  The BBC says:
"The last thing you want is an unhappy player and Liverpool know that," Molby told BBC Radio Merseyside.
"They've been busy in the market and it appears they're almost readying themselves for life without Suarez."
The striker would bring in a shit load of cash should the club decide to sell and since he is such a miserable, racist cunt it might not be a bad idea if they get rid.  If they aren't defending him for hating black people, they're paying him to sit on the bench as he runs down suspensions for biting Serbians and it's just not really worth the hassle.  It's like if you go on a few dates with a really hot girl but it gets really awkward when she keeps referring to black guys as negros or tries to bite Serbians.  Still, she has nice boobs