Wednesday, 3 July 2013

James Perch is sold

James Perch has been sold to Wigan for £700,000 signalling the end of his illustrious Newcastle career and the first real bit of work Joe Kinnear has done other than tell everyone he has a job.

The utility man enjoyed three years at Newcastle and due to this being the last year of his contract, the fact that he's now 28 and really not very good at all, the club have decided to move him on to a lower league club.  I am actually quite happy that Wigan are finally out of the Premier League, now all we need is for Hull and Stoke to get relegated and it'll be great.  It'll be like when you have a party and there's a really hot girl who you're pretty sure you can get with there but her annoying ugly friends won't leave for ages so you just end up having to think of all these excuses for keeping her in the bomb shelter until they do.