Sunday, 28 July 2013

GBale watch: situation HE IS NOT GOING

Real Madrid's personal newspaper Marca has been planting a bunch of propaganda this week to try and sell some more copies.  The most popular story of the year appears to be that Gareth Bale is moving to the Spanish capital.  But he isn't sooooo

The Welshman is the subject of a €100million bid this weekend, which translates to about £85million-ish I think, making him worth more than Ronaldo and the entire country of Wales.  The Marca reports this week have said things like "Levy promised me if we didn't get in the champs league he'd let me go if a big team bid for me waaaaah I wanna go to madrid waaaaaaaah" and the actual Gareth Bale quotes are "I like being at Spurs, it is nice, I have just had a child and don't want to fanny around in Spain where it will catch fire in the sun".

So what will happen is he'll stay at Spurs another year, they won't make Champs League fitba and then he'll move for about £60million next summer.  NEW BALLS PLEASE