Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Edinson Cavani is expensive

Edinson Cavani is this year's Wesley Sneijder and aren't you impressed I remembered to put a j in his name?  All of the billionaires want to be Edinson's friend.

Ed, as he's known to his close friends like me, is very famous at the moment because he has scored a lot of goals for Napoli.  Many top clubs like Chelsea, Man City and Real Madrid want to sign him but since none of them are as mental as PSG, they don't want to spend the £53million that it will apparently cost to sign him and I think this is wise because you shouldn't attach monetary values to a person.  It's so degrading and inhumane.  I thought we had abolished slavery many years ago, I was even told so yesterday by a very nice policeman who came to my house.  And if it turns out that he was lying to me, by god I want my slave back.