Monday, 15 July 2013

Carlos Tevez is free

Carlos Tevez was busy earlier this year when he was combining playing football with driving illegally. Sentenced to many hours of community service for his crime, Tevez has decided to move to Italy and the courts are just like 'meh whatever'

The Argentinian forward moved to the Turin giants for about £10million which might grow if bonuses work out and HOLY SHIT he's only £10million?!!!  That is mental.  Tevez's agent offered to give his porsche, worth about 55k, to the judge in exchange for the striker to roam the streets again but instead it was ruled he should pay £3000.  Instead of the £55k he volunteered.  Carlos was very scared about such a large amount of money so he checked his inside pocket but there was only £2000 there :-(

Won't someone give this man a break?!