Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Barcelona tell Man United to go away

Barcelona proved my 5 reasons Cesc Fabregas won't move to Man United post correct by telling David Moyes to 'get knotted'.

The line I'm referring to is of course from Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore's sketch about Thunderbirds, which is infinitely more interesting than this bullshit story

Moyes just sat in his press conference and said 'yeh well we've bid for him but they've said no so I'm just kinda like maaaaaan I dunno'.  He's like the stoner kid at a school disco.  No-one really wants to hang out with him because he looks a bit mental, the girls don't want to do him yet until he doesn't look like he's wearing his clothes as a costume and he smells like he lives in the garden.  But apart from the no trophies he's won at any club, he's definitely going to be a great manager for Manchester United so well done guys