Monday, 8 July 2013

Arsenal bid £30million for Suarez: DENIED

Vampiric racist, Luis Suarez, was the subject of a £30million transfer bid by Arsenal according to some newspapers WHO ARE NEVER WRONG BUT SOMETIMES ARE

Labelled as an "audacious" attempt to lure the striker away from Anfield, Arsenal's bid was deemed not good enough.  For a club that spent £18million on Stewart Downing and £35million on Andy Carroll I can sort of understand where they're coming from to be honest, and since money has no relevance in their player dealings it is expected that Arsene Wenger will return with a bid of a winged horse and magical dragon that is also a qualified croupier.  And if that doesn't work they will simply prittstick a horn to Gervinho's giant head and pitch him as some sort of minotaur, along with whatever change the chairman has on him at the time.