Monday, 15 July 2013

Arsenal are a temptress

Arsenal have offered a very sexy £35million to Liverpool for star racist, Luis Suarez.  IT HAS BEEN REJECTED

The Uruguay striker has been very swift to point out that although he is absolutely determined to move away from England where the media has been so evil to him for physically and verbally assaulting people, he will absolutely move to any other club in England as long as it's in the Champions League.

Arsenal are just one of those clubs and the thing is, even though Liverpool are holding out for £40million, I bet Wenger would actually pay it seeing as though he's genuinely worth that.  It's like if you buy the last furby in the shop for your nephew - it's a bit expensive but ultimately worth the money for how happy it makes him.  Even though it keeps calling him a cunt.  I was fairly sure they didn't make those anymore either, the trick is phone the company ahead of time