Sunday, 28 July 2013

and I would walk 600 miles...

Look at that, a hilarious take on the Proclaimers' international hit "500 miles". Some idiot decided to walk 600 miles from Bosnia to Munich.

There he is, that is Vahid Cehaja who walked from his homeland all the way to the Allianz Arena, to pay tribute to his favourite team. They probably didn't let him in the stadium, since he sounds like a complete mentalist. Apparently three years ago he said "I will walk all the way to Munich if we win the Champs League". I'm assuming he was pissed. That sounds like the sort of nonsense I come out with when I'm hammered. 

It took 42 days for him to complete his walk, which is equal to about 14 miles a day. It doesn't sound that impressive really. I probably clock that up walking around Tesco. He arrived in Munich on Wednesday, so he probably stuck around in Munich long enough to see his team lose to Dortmund in the German Super Cup, which makes me laugh. I think that's called schadenfreude. 

Everyone has done stupid things in support of their team. I once queued overnight to get tickets for Aberdeen against Atletico Madrid, me and two mates actually slept in the Richard Donald stand. I say slept. I didn't have a sleeping bag so sat on a shitty wooden stool all night drinking awful beer to try and ignore the hypothermia setting in. The next morning the ticket stalls opened and BOOM! I got my ticket, as did the 1000s of people who just showed up at 8am like normal human beings.