Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Alan Pardew breaks his silence

Alan Pardew has finally told everyone what he really thinks about Joe Kinnear which is........ he doesn't really mind.  PANDEMONIUM

There are rumours now that Derek Lambeezee, as Joe Kinnear referred to him, fell out with Mike Ashley in recent weeks and that is why he was replaced by the former Wimbledon manager.  I bet at this stage in his mentalness, Kinnear probably thinks that he ran the tennis club rather than a football team.  In his house he just has hundreds of trophy celebration photos where he's photoshopped himself in the crowd

Pardew, meanwhile, has insisted that he remains in charge and Kinnear is just going to deal with transfers and stuff.  Because if there's one person an incredibly in-demand and talented footballer wants to talk to, it's a fat mental desperately trying to not have a heart attack