Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Zlatan throws ball in goalkeeper's face

Sweden beat the Faroe Islands 2-0 the other night but Zlatan still wasn't happy because his opponents kept moaning to the referee about stuff.  That's why he took justice into his own hands!

The talismanic striker walked up to the referee to try and stop the whinging pussies of the Faroes from breaking the game up and as their goalie walked over to join in, his Zlatan sense alerted him to danger and Zlatan responded without conscious thought.

'KABLAH!  Take that, you treacherous swine' he maybe said.  And then he laughed at the goalie as he scuttled off to cry in his cave.  Zlatan could probably buy the Faroe Islands if he wanted, but then why would you?  The one hot girl on the island must already have been utterly decimated by every dude there.  She'll have a vagina like Coventry.

That's a nice world war 2 vagina joke for you