Monday, 10 June 2013

UEFA loves racist songs

Racism is a big thing right now because people don't like it, and that's why Uefa broadcast anti-racism slogans before big under 21 games and then follow that by playing songs with the n bomb littered throughout.

Uefa is now rather embarrassed about the incident and has blamed the DJ for not being told what songs were appropriate for the England vs Norway match.  If only he could have known!  After that he played several of Anal Cunt's back catalogue to rapturous applause.

I actually find the N word rather offensive and would prefer it if the rap songs I actually like weren't built up of 80% that word.  It's like when you hear some ned on the bus describing his night out
aye and then fucking aye I fucking says to the boy.. fuckin.... where you going? And he fucking says 'aye, fucking needing a go like?' and I'm fuckin like 'aye min nae worries'
I not only want him to die, but I also want him to stop using the word fuckin as a prefix for every single new point he wants to make.  Similarly I wish rappers would stop referring to each other as 'nigga'.  It would make my karaoke performances much less racist.  Primary Schools really don't seem to enjoy them at the moment.  They're all like "how did you get in this building?" never once asking how I managed to carry a karaoke machine on the bus for two hours.  Sometimes I think I'm not appreciated enough