Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Tony Pulis is bringing sexy back... to Athletic Bilbao

Suit-wearing chav mole, Tony Pulis, has reportedly applied for the soon to be vacant Athletic Bilbao manager's role. I'm not making this up

Just Googling his name brings up a collection of photos that belong to a mental.  Like the album equivalent of someone who has lost their shoes and now really wants you to give him your spare change so he can buy a piano that he can play a song on for the queen.

Marcelo Bielsa, one of the most highly respected and technically gifted coaches in world football is set to leave the Basque club when his contract runs out this summer and Pulis, having spent a couple of weeks learning how Bilbao do training stuff, thinks he might just be the guy that can take them forwards.  If by forwards you mean stay in the exact same position for 8 years.

Pulis' tactical style will be interesting in La Liga because it will confuse opposition players, most of whom have never even seen rugby, let alone a team coached by someone who will literally fight you naked in the changing room.  Keep believing, Tony.  Keep on dreaming.