Friday, 21 June 2013

Tiote is good at fraud maybe

Newcastle midfielder Chieck Tiote has appeared in court to answer several criminal charges, one of which is fraud.  How erotic.

The man from Ivory Coast has been up to shenanigans and to assist with these he needed a driving license.  Rather than do something normal like say... get a legitimate drivers license, he got a fake one that said he was from Belgium.  The BBC has a list of his charges here:
  • Fraud by false representation in that in December he had a genuine Belgian driving licence, to get a UK licence.
  • Possessing an ID document "that was false and that you knew or believed was false, namely a Belgian driving licence with the intention of using the document to establish personal information about you".
  • Making a false statement to obtain insurance in September 2011.
  • Driving a Chevrolet without a licence in February.
  • Driving the Chevrolet without third party insurance on the same date.
I'm not sure what the brain process behind this was, but does this guy not know that probably 90% of people in a small city like Newcastle will know exactly who he is?

Police: "pull over please sir, oh look it's Chieck Tiote!"
Tiote: "Uhhhh no its not"
Police: "Oh.  But it is you."
Tiote: "How do you know?"
Police: " it says so on your drivers license you just handed me"
Tiote: "Oh"
Police: "yeh.
Tiote: "..."
Police: "say I didn't know you were from belgium
Tiote: "ok i have to go now"