Sunday, 16 June 2013

Somebody Steals Man City's Transfer Shortlist

Unless you're wanting to make up transfer stories or talk about Ronaldo being half-naked on a boat, there's not really anything happening in football just now. One story that interested me was the news that Man City's super-secret scouting list has been stolen by a Premier League rival. But who did it!

I imagine that Man City use the FM Genie Scout cheat program? Apparently Man City put a lot of time, money and effort into their scouting. Which is why they have bought players like Fernandinho and Jesus Navas this summer. They must have looked real long and hard to find those two chaps, and what a bargain at £30m and £24m respectively. I've honestly never heard of them, I'm assuming they are like 17?

They use the "Scout7" performance analysis system to detail all the players they have ever looked at, and someone has hacked into their account. So far we have no clues, but Man City will find the culprit! It's almost certainly some 14 year-old nerd who's got nothing better to do. When they find out who did it, the hacker will be forced to bend over and take a ball off the arse from Yaya Toure. Many believe this to be excessive and have asked if Scott Sinclair could kick the ball instead. That's if he can actually remember what a football looks like, or even what his name is.