Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ribery and Benzema are in court

Two French football superstars are to appear in court faced with charges of soliciting an under age prostitute.  Delicious!

Zahia Dehar is now 21 (not 18) years old and is at the centre of the scandal which has brought charges against Madrid's Karim Benzema and gargoyle protector of Bayern Munich castle, Frank Ribery.

In the wonderful game of 'Guess Foo' as you can see in the above video, Jack and I learned about Ribery's previous shenanigans.  Both he and Benzema claim that they had no idea the prostitute in question was below legal age

And I mean I sort of understand why.  It's hard to tell with some girls but generally the rule is if you suspect you shouldn't be doing things with them, you shouldn't.  You know, just tell tale clues like if they are a prostitute, or you hire them with money for sex.  These are generally subtle ways of telling if you're with a prostitute.

I guess it's kinda awkward if you feel like you have to ask a girl, who you are clearly trying to bang, if she has any ID before you do it.  It sort of ruins the moment.  Like when you have to get up, find a condom, put it on and then get back to work which I guess is why we all just pretend that we've done it instead.  In an unrelated story, I keep getting letters from Brazil for 'child support payments'.  The jokes on them though because I don't even have any children.

Or I can't read.

Whichever is more believable