Sunday, 9 June 2013

Real Madrid have signed G Bale (maybe)

According to strong Spanish newspaper rumours, Spurs might have maybe possibly agreed to sell Gareth Bale for €90million.  When I say strong rumours I have no idea if they are or not.  I don't speak Spanish at all.  I DO SPEAK INTERNET RUMOUR THOUGH

Amid rumours of Ronaldo moving to Man Utd this summer, Barcelona have also now completed the marquee signing of Neymar and Real don't want to fall behind in the race to be the most awesome and this is why they're spending far more than they probably need to to sign G Bale.  The odds of him moving to Spain are probably quite low because Spain is nicer than England and he might actually win something with Madrid.

If I even begun to understand how to read odds on unibet I'd tell you what they were.  Then again, the Welsh ape has stated that he loves playing for AVB soooooooo I dunno.  If I had to choose between the sun and AVB I would probably go with the option that has more tits.  But there are tits everywhere on the internet......  What a world

I clearly don't understand how this financial fair play thing is supposed to work either because I thought it meant that clubs would be on some sort of even plane where rich ones can't just spend however much they want and the poor ones can't sign any good players because they'll go out of business.

If Real are spending €90million on one guy then how are teams like Aberdeen ever likely to beat them again?  Someone needs to ask these questions because although I'm no scientist, I'm pretty sure that Barry Robson isn't likely to conquer Europe for us.  Unless he becomes a respected political figure, turns Britain into a dictatorship and invades Poland I can't see it happening, and this scenario is even more unlikely because no-one is going to take orders from a ginger.