Sunday, 9 June 2013

It's the end of Phil Neville

Phil Neville is dead...serious about retiring from football. After 19 years at the top middle, he has announced he is retiring from the football world.

Phil Neville deserves to be lauded for his incredible commitment to keeping his shit blonde highlights, which went out of fashion at least ten years ago. Apparently Phil will now choose between coaching or a role in the media. If I was him, I'd probably stay out of the media until everyone has decided to hate his brother Gary again.

Neville became a legend for Everton after leaving Manchester United, despite helping his old team out with an own goal now and again. He is responsible for one of my favourite live TV moments when he called his brother Gary a "knob". (see below)

RIP Phil, thankfully for Everton they have one of the most gifted players of our generation waiting in the wings. Take to the stage Tony Hibbert.