Sunday, 9 June 2013

Papiss Cisse is religious

Besides the fact that religion is stupid and you're an idiot if you believe any of its nonsense, some people really do think that in 2013 it's still relevant.  Papiss Cisse, for example, wants to leave Newcastle because his religion is anti-Wonga.

The current Magpie's number 9 is Muslim and the beliefs particular to that religion prohibit gambling and money lending and things like that:
Under sharia law, it is prohibited to benefit from lending money to another person — the specific nature of payday loan company Wonga, whose annual percentage rate is 4,214 per cent.
Aside from it being a religious issue, it's a fucking nonsense to allow these companies to bankrupt people too stupid to realise that they're not a very good option.  Did you really need that iPad?  Wouldn't you rather have a house to live in?

Newcastle aren't too fussed about Cisse's predicament because fellow Muslims Hatem Ben Arfa and Cheick Tiote don't care about the sponsorship.  Perhaps they aren't as dedicated as the man from Senegal or maybe they just take light moral guidance from their faith and don't take every sentence of its teachings literally like I'm pretty sure you're supposed to.  I've never believed in this stuff and I haven't murdered a single person yet.  Not even one.  Maybe I should discover Christianity to really be OK though.  Actually what does the bible say about inter racial midget internet porn?  I should check that first.  It's a deal breaker