Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Norwegian footballer injures her vagina

In Norway they take women's football very seriously, and that's why Elise Thorsnes posted a picture of her vagina injury on Twitter.


The player in question has apparently sprained her vagina, which I'm pretty sure is not a real thing, but at least she has put a packet of what appears to be poverty noodles down her pants.  I have a photo of what she actually looks like so you can decide whether your boner is appropriate or not

Meh.  3am if no-one else better is around.  I mean it's either that or send text messages you'll regret until next weekend, so you have to decide at some point.  The worst thing is looking through your sent messages the next day and seeing what a tremendously sleazy ass hole you really are.  No-one uses smilies unless they want to get banged.  Ever.

Some more suggestions, other than more pictures like this, that I would like to submit to improve women's football would be the mandatory swapping of shirts at half time and full time, only hot girls are allowed to play, and full penetration must be shown after the match.  Should they be oiled up?  Perhaps.  Am I joking?  Possibly.  I think after that fireworks should go up and the Rock should People's Elbow all of them, and then they should show Jurassic Park on the tv screens in the stadium.

If one of you could write that in an email and get hold of Sepp Blatter I'm pretty sure we're on to something