Monday, 17 June 2013

Mourinho turned down Man United

Jose Mourinho has claimed that he turned down the Manchester United manager position because he loves Chelsea sooo much.  WHY DON'T YOU MARRY IT JOSE HAR HA RH ARH HARHR

Sir Alex Ferguson and The Special One are BFFs and Jose claims that he knew about the legendary Scot's retirement plans months ago but that he didn't care.
I knew that Ferguson was retiring many months ago.  I would have turned down every job in the world - the Manchester United job, every one - for Chelsea
It kind of reminds me of when you get back with an ex-girlfriend post break up because you think 'oh actually I was just being stupid then, this is definitely the girl for me' and then you hang out a few times and after banging her becomes routine and you end up just sitting watching films that you hate again, one night you accidentally bump into a girl you used to know who is now incredibly hot, and recently single and flirty, and so you lie to yourself that your current gf is the one for you and that you don't find any other girls attractive.  But you definitely do.

And that is love, my friends.