Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Luis Suarez still really wants to leave

Some thought Liverpool striker Luis Suarez might have been over reacting when he said he wanted to run away from England because of the evil media, but it turns out he's very serious.

The Uruguay star scored in his country's 2-1 loss against Spain the other night, despite only having the ball for about 1 minute in the entire game.  His goal game from a free kick and it was very nice.  He is good at football.  This is why Liverpool want at least £40million for him and are readying themselves for a bid from Real Madrid, who seem to have unearthed a secret cave full of gold or something.  I can only assume they are planning to afford Gareth Bale on the assumption that he is 'a diamond in the rough' and can lead the way to enough riches to buy him with in the first place.  'Oh look I have £80million just lying around here, how convenient'.

I'm fairly sure I've used that analogy before.  Regardless, Suarez is pissed off that the rest of his team mates are terrible, or are Jordan Henderson:
“It disturbs me that Liverpool are not in the Champions League and fighting for the Premier League which is where they should be.”
Yeh well it disturbs me that you tried to eat Branislav Ivanovic.  He's massive.  Frank Lampard would have been a better choice because there is more of him and less of it is muscle.

Maybe if you hadn't gone around biting people and being a racist, Liverpool would be higher up the table.  I mean Suarez btw - not you reading this.  Unless you too have been going around biting Serbians and verbally abusing ethnic minorities, or indeed majorities, that you take exception to and this has resulted in you having an adverse effect on Liverpool's Premier League season.  However with new signings imminent, Liverpool are currently priced at 2/1 to finish in the top four next season, with or without Suarez.

Suarez is only going to be allowed to leave if Real also give Liverpool some presents like a new gameboy and Alvaro Morata, who is currently ripping it up in that Under 21s tournament that English media seems to have forgotten is on.  The most interesting thing about this point is that I bet you think I know who Alvaro Morata is.