Monday, 3 June 2013

Lothar Matthaus wants facebook friends

Ex-best player in the world, Lothar Matthaus, has challenged the internet to get him a million Facebook friends.  Their reward?  He will play a game of football.  I don't understand who wins here

The former Germany captain wants to get the friends I presume for some sort of business venture so he can be all super popular and market things easily, and at the age of 52 he plans to play a game of football if the internet helps him enough.  He doesn't say whether it's for a professional team, and that wouldn't work anyway, so it might just be that if you help him do very expensive marketing work for free, he will go and play 5 a side with his mates like he's probably been doing since he retired.  And on that note, if you get FitbaThatba 1million views on Facebook I promise to watch the last episode of Arrested Development tonight