Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Liverpool don't 'get' the internet

For a professional football club, the internet is pretty important if you want to sustain a global presence and interact with your fans.  That's why it's important you don't copy wacky football blogs when you're a legitimate business with many years of history

In a poorly received article entitled '5 things Philippe Coutinho can do now he's 21' Liverpool FC do various photoshops to 'hilariously' suggest what Coutinho can do now he's of legal age to do them, like fly a plane, drive a bus or even fist a prostitute.  They didn't actually say that last one, although I'm pretty sure that's real.  Maybe it's 18 actually.  Ha, don't the years just fly by?

Wait.... this is the kind of stuff that i do?  It's not, right?  :scared: #parodyofmyself