Saturday, 1 June 2013

Leonardo is banned

PSG sporting director Leonardo (not Lion-O from Thundercats) has been given a nine month suspension for pushing a referee.  But he's not a manager or a player.  Wat

PSG are appealing against the decision, and the director himself is adamant that he is innocent, but that's what happens when you abuse referees.  I'm not really exactly sure what he's banned from because I'm pretty sure the French FA can't stop him from directing a club - they aren't the police.  If they were then nine months would be a pretty strict sentence for shoulder barging a ref.  Then again, perhaps the rules are changing.  I mean only the other day I was playing GTA and went on a killing spree with a bazooka, shot down a police helicopter and hid under a bridge until I was bored and I haven't even gone to jail at all.  I'm fairly sure that was GTA anyway.  Bath salts are a powerful drug