Sunday, 23 June 2013

Joe Kinnear is great fun

Joe Kinnear has been trying to gain acceptance from the Geordie crowds that so adore their home town team, and his current plan of action for this is to insult club legend Alan Shearer, all the while looking like a badger that got jammed in a wood chipper.

The Newcastle Director of Football has made his role clear to manager Alan Pardew and has assured fans that he will have no say in tactics, training or any of the stuff that a manager should do but also that he is responsible for how the team performs.  It's all bollocks, honestly.
"If things are going wrong at the club I am accountable and he [chairman Mike Ashley] will be coming through me and not through anybody else," he said.
"Everybody thinks Pardew is under pressure. He's not. I am. I could get sacked."
The thought of Mike Ashley coming through Joe Kinnear is horrifying to a level I thought unimaginable before my brain created a vision of it.  His Shearer rant was a longer version of this:
"What Shearer says is diabolical. This is a guy who hasn't got a clue about coaching.
"In the last game of the 2008-09 season he came up with the master idea of playing Damien Duff at left-back.
And while he may have a point I'd honestly not be surprised if/when Newcastle reach a massive world TV audience at like a cup final at Wembley, Kinnear and Ashley take off their disguises