Thursday, 13 June 2013

Javier Mascherano hates being wet

Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano was being innocently stretchered off the pitch the other day when a medic horrifically and inhumanely got some water on him. Mascherano took the only appropriate action he could and kicked him.

Despite looking like a goomba, Mascherano has forged a reputation as a feisty player and this incident did nothing to dent that. Upon being splashed with water, Mascherano saw red and lashed out at the medic carrying him which led to him then literally seeing red as he was sent off by the referee.

His team mates weren't especially pleased and started a sort of ruckus, as is customary in South American football. Not having a 20 man brawl at one of those games would be like having a barbecue and not fingering your cousin I mean having burgers.