Sunday, 9 June 2013

Iniesta: Mourinho is a dick

Mourinho seems to be loved in our kingdom of unity, but the feeling is not shared in Spain - especially those in Barcelona land.

There is Mourinho poking a cancer victim in the eye. "Take that cancer!", he shouted as he poked with all his might. I like the moustache chap who looks like he's been photoshopped in. Chaos all around him and he keeps ice cool. He looks like he has absolutely no idea how he got there. "If I stand perfectly still and make no noise, nobody will ask who I am, or why I'm here. Security guards are like a t-rex, their eyesight is based on movement"

Spain wasn't kind to Mourinho, he won basically the bare minimum required in Madrid. In his last season he lost the Copa del Rey final to Atletico, froze out the fans favourite in Casillas and never delivered the holy grail of the Champions League. Andres Iniesta is definitely not a fan -
"Yes he damaged Spanish football, in general more harm than good. But I don't like talking about that person at all. So if you don't mind, we'll leave it at that."
Let's not forget that Iniesta is a friendly ghost, the friendliest ghost you know. He's basically saying, I hate him and want to strap him to a chair and force him to listen to Micky Flanagan for the rest of his life. Oh he's funny because he's got a stupid voice and used to be poor!

I give it until Christmas before Abramovich has Avram Grant back on the phone.