Monday, 3 June 2013

Higuain is annoyed

Gonzalo Higuain is annoyed because his employers keep trying to sell him every year and now he's decided enough is enough!

The current rumour mill has Juventus as the favourites to sign the striker, with Arsenal also strongly linked to him.  The sexy Argentinian is pissed off with Real Madrid for routinely attempting to get rid of him every season for the last seven and has finally decided to leave.  The Independent quoted him:
"It's a decision I have taken calmly over time. I have been here seven years, every pre-season they try to sell me and I need to go somewhere where I am truly wanted,"
Look at all those 'the's at the beginning of sentences.  Terrible writing.  This whole situation just reminds of school when my friends would forget to wait for me at lunch time and just go down the road on their own.  Then when I caught up with them they ran away and sometimes hid.  Haha what a great bunch of lads