Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Henrik Larsson Plays With His Son

What! Oooooooooh. Henrik Larsson of Celtic, Barcelona and Manchester United fame has come out of retirement so he can play alongside his son. He's 41.

Larsson spent far too long at Celtic and everyone moaned about how he was scared to leave the SPL and be "found out" - even though he scored like 40 goals for Sweden. Then he was like, "I'll just go to Barcelona and win everything LOL. Currently he is the assistant manager for Hogaborg, which sounds like a Belgian beer or some kind of sexy robot. With most of their strikers out injured, Henrik has put himself forward to take a place in the squad.

His son Jordan is 15 and also at Hogaborg but plays in midfield. I kind of feel sorry for him, even at 41 and without any game time for four years, his Dad is almost certainly better than he is. One thing I will never understand is Henrik Larsson's dreadlocks, they were just a bit shit - and he kept them for years. He looked like one of those squid robot things from the Matrix.

Make sure to keep up with FitbaThatba to check on Henrik's progress. Unless I forget that I even wrote this, which I almost certainly will.