Thursday, 6 June 2013

Harry Redknapp is so committed

QPR manager Harry Redknapp is so committed to the cause that he's trying to find ways that he can legitimately quit, like if there's no milk left in the fridge or he's not allowed to buy Wayne Bridge.

Old melty face can't even be arsed hiding how little of a shit he gives about QPR now that they've been relegated and has started having falling outs with the owners:

“You can’t have other people having a say at all, I’m a football person and I’ve got a staff around me of football people.
“We’ve got to make the decisions, and if we make the right ones we will have a chance. Otherwise, if other people want to make decisions we’ve got no chance.
“If I don’t get that, then I wouldn’t stick around.
In particular he's very annoyed that he's not allowed to sign Wayne Bridge because apparently that would change eeeeeverything because Wayne Bridge is truly amazing.  QPR are struggling to get rid of all the rubbish they bought because they gave them all stupid contracts and so are not really willing to sign even more, which is as good an excuse as Harry needs to get the hell out of there.

This is pretty much one of those situations where rather than actually dumping your girlfriend you just act really mean to them so they do it to you first and that way you don't feel so guilty when you start shagging around.  Watching Harry Redknapp going at it full throttle would be an actual nightmare of mine.  Like watching a melted boglin in a tumble dryer.