Monday, 10 June 2013

Harry Redknapp is committed again

Harry Redknapp has quashed rumours that he wants to leave QPR, even though he definitely does, by saying that he's committed to them for real.  FOREVA

The not England manager told reporters:
"I am committed to QPR. I want to do well for the club and I want to take it back where it belongs - in the Premier League.
"It will be a difficult task but a challenge I am excited about."
Redknapp taking that QPR job is like when you decide to start a Football Manager game as like Halifax Town and then realise after about three hours of playing that you cannot be arsed.  You should have gone as Spurs or Chelsea or something like that but instead here you are, trawling the internet for good youth players in division 3 and adding NWS threads on football365 to your reading list.  Before you know it, you're already skipping to the last 30 seconds of that video to find out how he finishes.  It's always on her face.  Always.