Tuesday, 11 June 2013

England's U21 are pointless, literally

For all you shit football analysts take note, this is one of the only times you can ever use the word "literally" and actually mean literally. Jamie Redknapp being the King of course, "in his youth, Michael Owen was literally a greyhound". England's U21s lost again, this time to Israel.

Here is Stuart Pearce after he missed a famous penalty in 1990, but he probably doesn't want to be reminded of that just now. Already out of the tournament, England's young stars men robots players were playing for pride and perhaps to save Stuart Pearce's job. On this showing they must think he's a massive fanny as well, losing to the tournament hosts 1-0.

Stuart returned the love to his team after the game -

"The players haven't delivered. I'm really disappointed in my team. Maybe the 13 players who stayed at home would have contributed slightly better. Maybe I'm just a really average manager completely out my depth at international level. Maybe they don't actually like me so I can't motivate them to care about winning games. Maybe they are all money hungry bell-ends who don't give a fuck about their national team."

All valid points made by Stuart I think you'll agree. If you want the services of Stuart Pearce, you will find him in the yellow pages.