Sunday, 9 June 2013

England are shite

England are so bad at football now that fucking Norway under 21s destroyed their under 21 over rated shambles of a team.  Stuart Pearce was pretty sure they were going to win the tournament too lol

Even Jonjo Shelvey's horrifying face wasn't enough to put off the Norwegians as they sent England home with a 3-1 victory in Israel.  The papers are all going tits about how terrible the national team are and they're right but importantly this squad didn't include any of the actually good players that were eligible to play for the under 21s so it's not all doom and gloom.

Phil Jones, Jack Rodwell and Jack Wilshere are just three of the big names absent from the team but that's not really an excuse because they lost to Norway.  Perhaps if the Premier League stopped signing players from every other country except their own, or if the general football playing public in England didn't applaud long ball punts and bemoan the demise of the 'contact sport' they wouldn't find themselves in this sort of mess.  If you stuck an average 14 year old junior level English defender in Spain and he tried playing the English way they'd give him swimming arm bands and put him in the special class