Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cologne are good at kit launches

German side Cologne showed off their new retro looking kit by dressing up as players from the 70s.  That's it.  Now I have to make a story out of this hmmmm

I don't know who those guys are but I like that the black one had to wear an afro and dress like a pimp. He was probably like 'uhhh guys I'm pretty tired of this derogatory stereotyped 70s African-European/American get up.  It's setting back civil rights dozens of years and portrays my ancestors in an arguably negative light - have we not moved on from those days?  Can I not be just a normal guy with a moustache, who happens to be black?" and so the organisers said "oh god yes, I'm so sorry, you're completely right" and then he stole their bike