Monday, 24 June 2013

Cesare Prandelli is bad at jokes

Italy manager Cesare Prandelli has apologised for making a joke about Mario Balotelli being black or something.  Also his team is trapped in their hotel

Due to delicious protests throughout Brazil, the Italian team has found themselves contained within their hotel until it is deemed safe to leave, the only exception being Mario Balotelli because he was doing charity work I think.  From the BBC:
Prandelli initially said Balotelli had been the only player allowed out because his "colour is different to ours" but later apologised.
"I am sorry," he said. "Before I said something about the colour of our skin. It was a joke. Of course."
After that he ate an entire bowl of pasta and sleazed on all of the girls.  Also he made a pizza and had a loud conversation with his friends.  And he was in the mob.  Aaaaaaaaaaand then he did something else racist