Saturday, 29 June 2013

Carlos Tevez has already annoyed Juventus fans

Carlos Tevez decided to turn over a new leaf as he completed his move to Juventus, and that leaf was on the road that he drove over as he took the much coveted number 10 shirt from the club.  The fans hate him already

The nnumber 10 shirt has previously been worn by such greats as Platini, Baggio and the more recent Del Piero and there were even calls to retire the shirt after the latter moved to Australia.  He refused this to be allowed and the club simply rested the shirt for the season and oh my god I completely forgot that Del Piero plays in Australia now.  That is mental.

Regardless, fans of the Turin giants feel that Tevez might not be worthy of the shirt since he's currently a convicted felon and fucks off to play golf whenever he feels like it.  The Argentine says:
I feel the responsibility of wearing this number and I'm aware of the great responsibility of representing Juventus and playing for the club, so this number is certainly a great challenge
Or at least that's what his translator said.  I'm pretty sure when he talks he just leans his head back and growls like a wookie so only certain people can really understand him.  Like Han Solo and Chewbacca, or anyone fat, bald and ugly who is married to someone from Vietnam