Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Barcelona want Torres

Barcelona have decided that they want to buy Fernando Torres for some reason, but apparently it's only to keep him on the bench just incase.

The Chelsea striker has been warned by Jose Mourinho that he has to 'be better' and with Barca looking to increase their attacking options in the form of actual strikers instead of 'false 9s', the Spaniard may be just the man they need.  The Catalan club believe that Torres could supply about 20/25 goals a season from the bench, but whatever happens at least he'd be there.  Like how Jools Holland gets some of those 'world music' acts on.  You can pretend all you want that you actually like it, and at least they're there instead of Keane, but you'd still rather it was Radiohead.  Or something.  I mean even Muddy Waters would contribute at least 8 goals from midfield a year