Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Balotelli meets Kobe Bryant

NBA star Kobe Bryant took time off from settling out of court cases where he is charged of sexually assaulting 19 year old girls to meet some footballers the other day.  Mario Balotelli was delighted to meet him

As we all know, black people love basketball, and that's why Balotelli is so delighted to meet the rapist basketball player.  The two of them really bonded over who could "score the most hoops", where the DE Fence is at and other commonly used basketball phrases like that.  After, they discussed how the only reason they actually understand some of the rules for the sport is because they played NBA Jam on a megadrive when they were younger and also that's how they learned about ice hockey except with NHL.  I'm still not sure when I'm allowed to punch the opposition players.  Or why.  I do like it though