Friday, 21 June 2013

Arsenal spend some money

Arsenal have almost nearly completed the signing of Gonzalo Higuain from Real Madrid for £22million! It's a club record *FIREWORKS* *ROCK MUSIC*

The Argentina star is set to sign a big long contract worth £130,000 a week and finally provide the Arsenal fans with a big name signing.  What better way to appease those supporters by purchasing someone who has consistently sat on the bench for a fellow Champions League team these last seven seasons?  It's not even a rhetorical question - the answer is Wayne Rooney, for he is next!  Apparently

According to that guy Usmanov who owns a third of the club, Rooney would be a great fit for Arsene Wenger's side and this is why the crazy Russian is encouraging a bid for the Man United forward.  Rooney seems desperate to leave the Red Devils again because he's scared of David Moyes' pet falcon and also because London seems nice.  Why not try some of our delicious snacks?  For all your food needs.  I saw a restaurant the other day which offers 'food solutions'.  What has happened to the world. I also discovered you can buy burritos online and then collect them on your lunch break.  I REPEAT you can buy burritos on the internet.

Something about Wayne Rooney and £25million blah blah blah