Saturday, 29 June 2013

Andres Iniesta is generous

Andres Iniesta earns a lot of money because he's very good at football, and because of this he has been able to help his former club Albacete avoid relegation.  Awwww

In this still from the Lionel Messi nativity story, we can see Iniesta and his lovely friends on top of some card that I found in the cupboard of my old room.  In Iniesta's old cupboard are lots of memories from his time as an Albacete player and his donation of €240,000 towards players' wages have prevented his former club from facing relegation to the 4th division.  It is a very generous thing to do and aside from the fact that it equates to about a week and a half worth of pay, it's still a lot of money.  If I were to donate the same amount of money to a hobby of mine I'd be able to afford nearly 60% of my rent.  Isn't money great?