Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ancelotti is Real boss, Blanc is PSG

Sexual flower designer, Carlo Ancelotti, has finally taken over the reigns at Real Madrid, which is strange because I did not know that it was a horse.

HAHA IT'S NOT A HORSE THOUGH IS IT.  Laurent Blanc has also joined PSG, meaning that there are no managerial vacancies left in the big leagues now so Steve Kean must wait patiently in the darkness.  Imagine you woke up and Steve Kean was eating all of your bread in the house and you were like 'ohhhh I really wanted to make a sandwich but I can't' and he laughs and says 'I SHALL HAVE ALL THE SANDWICHES IN THIS HOUSE' and then he turned into a giant eagle and soared into the night sky.  That would be very unexpected.