Friday, 21 June 2013

Alan Shearer is sickened

Alan Shearer is furious with his old club and says that hiring Joe Kinnear is a terrible idea and that it undermines Alan Pardew.  He's really sharp like that.  So sharp that it's made him feel physically ill!

Despite insisting that he has Pardew's blessing, there is a not person in the world who believes that Joe Kinnear has Alan Pardew's blessing.  Kinnear lives in a parallel universe where words are merely a construction of the corporate government to turn us all into drones, you need to fight the power man before they brainwash you and make you start paying for your water.  I've heard more coherent sentences from the guy that lives down the road and sits in his wheel chair in the garden and just screams into the night sky, wishing for death.  Or as I like to call him, Dad.