Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Wigan are fu**ed

They almost bloody did it again didn't they? The cheeky sods. But Wigan have just taken a big relegation pie to the face.

Wigan like to be shit for 80% of the season, and then they turn into Barcelona with added Gary Caldwell and win lots of games to secure their safety. It seemed to be happening all over again but then tonight, one sexy Danish man said, "I don't think so bitches!".

Leading 1-0 and then 2-1, Wigan managed to throw it away and lose 3-2 and their goalkeeper, who was stretchered off. Watch Swansea's third goal and you will see exactly why Wigan will go down - the defending is absolutely hilarious. Maloney looked like a terrified mouse who had found himself in the middle of the road - not sure whether to stay still, run left or run right to avoid being run over by a farmer's wife in her BMW X5.

There is still a small chance Wigan could survive, with Emmerson Orlando Boyce in your team anything is possible. After he saves Wigan and hangs up his football boots, he's going to go work for the metropolitan police - going undercover to bring down London's most wanted criminals. He will make quips about "tackling crime" and become feared throughout the streets for his unorthodox and sometimes aggressive policing methods. Someone get his agent on the phone, ITV would love this shit.