Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wayne Rooney is a conspiracy

Wayne Rooney is outraged that people have suggested he asked for a transfer away from Man United, eloquently stating that he "never said them things".  Here's the video I made about him

Wayne recently gave birth to another son, who he named after one of his favourite things to eat.  Klay Rooney will join other children in the 'stupid names that haunt children forever' club with the benefit of being Wayne Rooney's son being that not only are you rich, but also he will eat anyone that bullies you.

Rooney snr however feels like he's being bullied out of Old Trafford and tbf it might be that SAF knew David Moyes was taking over months ago and so started slyly managing him out of the club, so he might have a point.  But if he stopped asking for transfers to other clubs this would probably stop.  It was like how I learned the best way not to have to keep going to court was to stop hanging outside my girlfriend's house at night.  I'm always one step ahead.  Or in this case about 20 steps behind.  I'm pretty sure she hasn't noticed me yet