Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tony Pulis leaves Stoke City

I stole this headline directly from Sky Sports News. Tony Pulis has left Stoke City, which I cannot figure out if it's a shock or not. Stoke were unbelievably fucking boring last season. It's easy to make fun of Stoke and say they only score from set pieces and throw-ins, but last season it really did seem that they were becoming a parody of themselves.

Pulis deserves credit for getting Stoke into the Premier League and keeping them there, he also got them into the FA Cup Final and the Europa League. Unfortunately all his good work was undone by dressing like a chav and always wearing a cap. Almost all of us would agree that Pulis had taken Stoke as far as his managerial skills and finances would allow. Rory Delap is devastated, he's managed to survive the last few years in the Premier League purely on the fact that he can throw a ball really far.

As it customary at Stoke, his departure will be celebrated by various japes. Jermaine Pennant has written goodbye on Tony's car using his own feces. Charlie Adam has stuffed his locker with dead badgers and Ryan Shawcross has set fire to his office - what a great bunch of lads.